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So imagine that the Israeli Knesset proclaimed Sabra-and-Shatilla Day a national festivity, with fireworks, picnics, and sweets handed out.  Imagine the Lebanese perpetrators of Sabra and Shatilla were invited to the Knesset to be honored in a special celebratory feast.  Then imagine that the two youths who murdered the Arab teenager Muhammad Abu Dhara in 2014 by burning him to death were proclaimed by Israel national heroes, their photos placed on postage stamps, their birthdays celebrated, streets named in their honor, their heroism taught in the schools.  Imagine Baruch Goldstein, the guy who shot up the mosque in Hebron in 1994, proclaimed by the Knesset Israeli hero, where politicians made regular pilgrimage to his surviving family members to pay tribute to his murders, to raise their glasses in toasts.


Ok, now imagine THIS, in fact no need to imagine it.  These are the moderate restrained peace-seeking Israeli Arabs saluted in the Israeli press by countless professors, journalists, and literati:



Arab MKs meet with families of terrorists

Members of the Balad faction of the Joint Arab List – Haneen Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, and Basel Ghattas – met the families a day before Palestinian President Abbas did the same. They attempted to hide the fact that the meeting took place.
Ynet reporters

A day before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met the families of terrorists in his Ramallah office, three Knesset members of the Joint Arab List met terrorists' family members, among them those who have perpetrated deadly attacks as part of the current terror wave.


The three MKs in question are Haneen Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, and Basel Ghattas. Among the relatives of what the MK's called "shaheeds" (martyrs) was the father of Baha Aliyan, the terrorist who murdered three in a combined stabbing and shooting attack on a Jerusalem bus, along with his collaborator Bilal Ranem.


Aliyan's father said in a video that the meeting was "warm and productive." According to him, "The Palestinian Knesset member brothers listened to the suffering and pain of the shaheed's families, whose bodies are held in Israel."


MKs Zoabi, Ghattas, and Zahalka at the controversial meeting.


According to the terrorist's father, "The Knesset members' hearts were open and they listened to every word we said. They emphasized that they would make every effort to return the bodies by pressuring the government in the Knesset and conducting talks with the security and diplomatic officials in the Israeli government. It was settled that we would continue to meet in order to keep track of the matter in the near future."


The three MKs who came to the meeting were from the Balad faction, even though all of the Joint Arab List's MKs were invited.


The Balad faction said in response that "the MKs met with the families who asked to release their sons' bodies for burial. The request has been forwarded to the Public Security Minister and he is dealing with it."


Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman MK Avigdor Lieberman said of the meeting, "There is no longer any need for proof that the Joint Arab List's MKs in general, and the Balad faction in particular, are representatives of terror organizations in the Knesset. The meeting of all of Balad's Knesset members with the families of terrorists who murdered Jews is just a reminder for those who still need one, in the government and law enforcement system, that we need to remove these terrorists as fast as possible from the Israeli Knesset, and preferably from the State of Israel."


Minister of Education Naftali Bennett also spoke of the meeting. "This is a black stain that will be recorded in the chronicles of the state," he said in a speech at Bar Ilan University, "I am calling out to the Arab public: You are better than this. Cast these people out. We need to be a unified state, and there is not unity if Knesset members go and meet our enemies and killers."


2.  Leftist crybullies:

3.  The press in Israel is now filled with ads showing a long list of far-leftist organizations stating how proud they are to be targeted by Im Tirtzu for their dedicated work on behalf of "human rights." What they are not saying is that they all pretty much share the same membership, people who automatically join any new far-leftist New Israel Fund financed seditious group to roll around. Indeed I suspect that in Israel the number of leftist NGOs is larger than the combined membership of those NGOs.

4.  Peace At Last

by Steven Plaut

It was in the year 2020.
The Israelis at long last gave up their attempts to resist the pressures of the world. They elected a new government headed by Prime Minister Yossi Beilin, the original promoter of the Oslo Peace Process, in coalition with the Jewish and Arab parties of the Left. They announced that Israel was willing to accept the unanimous proposal for peace supported by every single country in the world, and would return to its pre-1967 borders, remove all Jewish settlements from the territories of the new state of Palestine, recognize Palestine and grant Palestine all of East Jerusalem, that is, all of the city located east of a line running north-south through Zion Square, renamed Jihad Square.
The world had not seen celebration like this which greeted the Israeli decision since the fall of the Berlin Wall or the transferral of power in South Africa to the black majority. All-night celebrations were held in every city on the planet, but none so enthusiastic as the party held in Tel Aviv in Rabin Square. Speaker after speaker appeared under a banner "Liberation at Last" and praised the decision to agree to the terms of the accord as the ultimate completion of the work and dreams of Yitzhak Rabin.
The settlers were marched out of the lands of Palestine at bayonet point, with crowds of jeering Israeli leftists pelting them with garbage, as they moved into their temporary transit camps inside Green Line Israel. Liberal Jews in the United States organized a million man march in Washington together with Arabs, CAIR, and the Nation of Islam to celebrate the breaking out of peace and the final settlement of the conflict. "Peace at Last" was the number one pop single. The State Department sent out a message urging Israel and Palestine to conduct good-faith negotiations and round-the-clock talks on all outstanding issues of disagreement still separating the two sovereign states.
At long last, there were two states for two peoples. Land had been exchanged for peace. Peace had at long last broken out in the world's most troubled region.
The morning after the Palestine Independence celebrations, the message arrived in the Israeli parliament, brought in by special messenger.
The newly formed government of Palestine had only a small number of issues it would like to discuss with Israel. It proposed that peaceful relations be officially consummated, as soon as Israel turned over the Galilee and the Negev to Palestine. Israeli cabinet ministers were nonplussed. We thought we had settled all outstanding territorial issues by giving the Palestinians everything, they protested. The spokesman for the Palestine War Ministry explained: the Galilee was obviously part of the Arab homeland. It was filled with many Arabs and in many areas had an Arab population majority. Israel was holding 100% of the Galilee territory, and Palestine none at all, and surely that was unfair. As for the Negev, it too has large areas with Arab majorities, but is in fact needed so that Palestine can settle the many Palestinian refugees from around the world in lands and new homes.
Israel's government preferred not to give offence and sour the new relations, and so offered to take the proposal under consideration.
Within weeks, endorsements of the Palestinian proposal were coming from a variety of sources. The Arab League endorsed it. The EU approved a French proposal that the Galilee and Negev be transferred to Palestine in stages over 3 years. Within Israel, many voices were heard in favor of the proposal. Large rallies were held in the universities. The Israeli press endorsed the idea almost in full unison, with only some regional weeklies from the north and south dissenting. Israeli film producers began turning out documentaries on the sufferings of Galilee and Negev Arabs under Israeli rule.
Sociologists from around the world produced studies showing that these Arabs were victims of horrible discrimination and that Israel is characterized by institutional racism. Israeli poets and novelists wrote passionate appeals for support of the Galilee and Negev 'Others'.
When Israel's cabinet rejected the Palestine proposal, the pressures mounted. A Galilee and Negev Liberation Organization was founded and immediately granted recognition by the UN General Assembly. It established consulate facilities in 143 countries. Weeks later, the infiltrations began. Squads of terrorists infiltrated the borders between Palestine and Israel, and suicide bombers produced carnage of 75 murdered Jews a day.
The border fences were reinforced, but to no avail. The US State Department proposed that Israel defuse the situation by considering compromise on the matters of the Galilee and Negev.
Six months later, the victims of Jewish discrimination in the Galilee and Negev decided to escalate their protests. Gangs of Arabs lynched Jews throughout the disputed territories. Roadblocks were set up, and entire families of Jews were dragged from their cars by the activists and beaten to death or doused with flames. The EU sent in observers, but warned Israel that there is no military solution to the problems of terrorism and violence. When Israel arrested gang leaders from the riots, the General Assembly denounced Israeli state terrorism against Galilee and Negev Arabs. French universities gave the pogrom leaders honorary doctorates.
Meanwhile, boycotts of Israel arose throughout Europe. Professors at the US Ivy League colleges demanded a total embargo and divestment from ties with Israel until it ended its racist apartheid regime. The leaders of the Reform synagogue movement supported the State Department and demanded that Israel end its obstinacy, redeploy out of the Negev, and formally acknowledge gay marriage.
Israel's own leftists launched a Movement against Apartheid, and the foreign press reported that 400,000 protesters attended a rally by the Movement in Rabin Square. Cars around Israel had bumper stickers that read "My Son Will Not Die for Nazareth" and "Peace Now". The Israeli Left urged people to refuse to do army service outside metropolitan Tel Aviv. The Israeli Labor Party proposed erecting a series of separating barriers throughout the Galilee under the slogan "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors".
But Palestine could not sit idly by. Barrages of rockets and mortars drenched Israeli cities. The death toll rose to 7,000 Israelis per month. The White House and State Department threatened to cut off all supplies from Israel if it dared to launch reprisal raids against independent Palestine. Large cargo ships from Egypt laden with advanced arms entered the port of Gaza. Thousands of volunteers streamed into Palestine to assist in the campaign to rescue the Galilee and Negev Arabs from Israeli oppression.
On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, tank columns cut Israel in two just north of Tul Karem. Palestine offered to withdraw in exchange for transferring the Negev and Galilee to its control. An Israeli newspaper and the Israeli Peace Movement proposed transferring the disputed areas to EU control until things could be settled.
Synagogues in Belgium and France were torched. Teach-ins for the Negev and Galilee were held on US campuses. A new conference was called in Durban to denounce Israeli apartheid. The White House insisted that Israel not expel the invading Palestine troops who had divided the country, for it was a matter for negotiations and dialogue. The President invited both sides to Camp David, with observers from the Negev and Galilee militias present.
Increasing numbers of Israeli politicians urged that Israel respond to the situation by granting limited autonomy to the Negev and the Galilee. When the government proposed to withdraw from Safed, right wing inciter web sites broadcast non-stop protests against the move. The government then passed a bill that shut them down. The owners of these web sites were thrown in jail as inciters against peace. The Americans offered to send in ground troops to protect the remaining Israeli territories, if Israel decided to accept the proposal to give up the Negev and Galilee. Let's at long last have peace in the hills that Jesus roamed, suggested the President.
Jews living in the Galilee and Negev were under siege everywhere and the roads were unsafe. The road through the Negev to Eilat was cut by Arab gangs in four places. Leftist Israeli professors officially joined the Arab militias fighting for liberation. Two of them blew themselves up on a Jewish school bus to show their solidarity with the oppressed Arabs. Ahmed Tibi, head of the largest militia, insisted he was doing everything possible to stop the suicide attacks on Tel Aviv and Haifa from the Galilee, but the Americans demanded that he do more. The UK demanded 100% effort to stop the violence. The PLO proposed, as a compromise, that instead of being annexed by Palestine, the Negev and Galilee be allowed to form a separate state. The Arab League endorsed the idea.
CNN broadcast a series of specials on the plight of the Negev and Galilee Arabs, and the BBC started referring to Tel Aviv as illegally-occupied Arabian Jaffa. Netanya and Beer Sheba were described by them as illegal colonial settlements. The Negev and Galilee liberation organizations raised their flags over their towns and proposed that the Jews living in their territories be resettled elsewhere. The Palestine War Ministry was shipping them guns and explosives. The first word came of a detention camp north of Nazareth in which Jews expelled from their Galilee homes were being concentrated, with a second camp opened in the Negev near Rahat.
Strange black smoke rose from the chimne


Saturday, January 30, 2016


1.   Mister Apartheid, the Peace Now professor, calls the campaign finance criminal kettle black


Amiram Goldblum, ultra-leftist anti-Israel founder of 'Peace Now' and lobbyist for the suppression of Israeli democracy so the most extreme leftist 2% of the population can impose their opinions on the rest of the country, the guy who cannot write the word Israel without adding the word apartheid, the sidekick of BDS war lord Alon Liel, is upset at Naftali Bennett.

On his facebook page this week,  Goldblum claims falsely that Bennett personally finances the "plants" publicity campaign of the Im Tirtzu students, for which he wants the police to investigate and indict Bennett. Even if the charge were true, this is a crime only in the mind of a leftist anti-democratic 'plant' who opposes freedom of speech!! Goldblum also kvetches that Bennett was slapped with a fine because he co-mingled funds for primary elections in his party with those for the general election, a heinous crime in the eyes of Mister Apartheid Goldblum.

The one thing Goldblum forgot to note is that HE HIMSELF was indicted for violation of Israeli campaign financing laws. The criminal proceedings against him were later "frozen," meaning the leftist Attorney General decided not to pursue the case against the 'Peace Now' provocateur. But the indictment stood. See



2.  You know how the mainstream media like to chant that Jerusalem is the holy city for three religions, and it is the third holiest site for Islam? How peace requires that Moslems get hegemony over at least half the city, including the whole Old City? How the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the emotional nucleus for all Arabs?
Well the University of Jordan in Jordan (Israeli unoccupied territories) ran a survey among youths in the kingdom and asked them what the Al Aqsa Mosque is. Over 60% did not know.



3.  The chattering classes of the educational and 'intellectual' establishment are having conniptions because the Minister of Culture in Israel wants to deny governmental funding to producers of treasonous film, art, and theater. They can still make films accusing Israel of being a Nazi or apartheid regime, they just can't get taxpayer funds for it. Let them try to peddle their treason as art in the marketplace! [For those who respond that no film or art at all should be funded by the government and that would alleviate all the objections, you have my full agreement.] 
Fascism, scream the leftwing fascists, how dare the government use the purse strings to impose ideological consensus!
One little point. The people so upset and mouth-foaming at this have always been the first to demand that denial of access to the public purse be the first rule of policy needed to coerce ultra-Orthodox religious schools to teach the core curriculum of math, english, computers, etc.
Sauce for the lemming...



4.  When I was a kid my favorite puppet/cartoon character on TV was Bertie the Bunyip. A bunyip is a mythical animal from the Australian outback based on aborigine legends. 
I mention this because I believe it has now been replaced by a cartoon character from the Vermont outback, BERNIE THE BOLSHEVIK.



5.  New slogan at the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew:






January 28, 2016

Daniel Greenfield



6.  When every second word spoken by an Israeli leftist is "fascism," it behooves us to recall this quote:

In 1946, George Orwell wrote that "The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies 'something not desirable.'"


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1.  Beware Textbooks that Dare to Tell the Truth

By Steven Plaut



The anti-democratic Left in Israel is so deeply wedded to its theological catechism regarding the Rabin assassination that it is prepared to trash a school textbook that dares to mention that there are some who dissent from the prevailing leftist McCarthyism. 


For two decades the Left has been reciting the mantra that the killing of Rabin by assassin Yigal Amir was caused by "incitement," by which the Left means non-leftists exercising their freedom of speech.  The Right called Rabin names and later he was killed, and in the 'minds' of the Left this constitutes proof.   Of course the Supreme Court forced Rabin to import expelled terrorists from Lebanon into Israel before the assassination so how do we know THAT did not cause the assassination?  


Political discourse had been vulgar and shrill in Israel before the Rabin murder and ever since Independence but never produced assassination.  But why let facts get in the way of political theology?  Leftists in Israel use language far worse than Rightists.  For example, on his Facebook page the 'Peace Now' professor Amiram Goldblum every day denounces those Israelis with whom he disagrees as Nazis, including those who brazenly wave Israeli flags ( ).


Minister of Education Bennett is preparing to introduce a new civics textbook into the school curriculum.   It is quite diverse and well balanced, fairly presenting opposing views in the text on all matters of debate and controversy  in Israel.


But the book-burning Left is aghast and wants the book, er, burned.  It seems the book mentions that the past Attorney General, leftist Manny Mazuz, says there is no proof that "incitement" caused the Rabin assassination.  How dare the book cite someone telling the truth!!  There are a few other instances of departure from political correctness that also enrage the persons of red.  See .   The other evidence the Left has is that Stalinist Ayman Odeh, head of the Joint (Arab) List, does not like the book.  "This book is a continuation of the government campaign of incitement against Arab citizens," he said. "It is a mixture of lies and hatred."  Meretz' chairwomen Zehava Galon claims there is a distinction made in the book between 'bad Arabs' and 'good Arabs' who are loyal and serve in the IDF."  She evidently wants the stabbers of Jewish mothers to be considered good Arabs also.


The Left is screaming "politicization," but for years the Left managed to get its own biased texts introduced as textbooks.  Its jihad for and against textbooks is hardly neutral.


Just witness the conniptions the Left had last week when Bennett declined to adopt as a classroom text a novel romanticizing Jewish-Arab intermarriage and smearing Israeli soldiers.   'Censorship,' bellow the reds.  Except no one is preventing the publication of that book or anyone reading it.  It is simply not being used as a classroom text.  Neither is Bibi Netanyahu's  own book.


Past Israeli governments tried to adopt textbooks that declared Israel's existence a catastrophe and even compared that Arab 'Nakba' to the Holocaust.  See this


But the leftist "theory" about "incitement" by non-leftists is unchallengeable gospel among the chattering classes of Israel.  Like in medieval Europe, challenging leftist theology will get you indicted before the Left's Inquisition, its captive media.




No one is under the delusion that any of those leftist "human rights" NGOs operating in Israel gives a damn about the human rights of Jews and certainly not about their human right to defend themselves against genocidal Islamofascism. 

But it turns out they also do not care at all about the human rights of Palestinians!! If they did, they would all be calling for liberating the Palestinians from the control of the PLO and the Hamas. But not a single leftist "human rights" NGO does so.
So if they do not care about the human rights of anyone, just what DO they want?

Simple, grasshopper. They want to harm and demonize Israel, to weaken and destroy it.



3.  Lord Haw Haw:



4.  The Left's Jihad:



5. You have probably been reading about Oberlin College (where I once taught) and how the campus has been largely seized by the Mau Mau from the Black Students Union and the Hitlerjugend from the Students for Justice in Palestine.  See   and .  The administration there coddles the totalitarians in the name of liberal arts.


My favorite atrocity coming out of Oberlin is the proclamation by the Mau Mau that the Holocaust constituted "white on white crime." 

6.  Galloway and Nawi: 


Tuesday, January 26, 2016




1.  Oy to those who depart from the Leftist party line!!


Just when you think Israel's leftwing fascists cannot sink any lower.

They are hysterical because investigative journalist Ilana Dayan outed their beloved poster boy Ezra Nawi, the murderer pedophile who helped the PLO's Gestapo murder Arabs who did business with Jews. Instead of repudiating Nawi, the Left is circling the wagons to celebrate and defend him, at the same time trying to demonize Dayan. Ilana Dayan is herself well left of center, but she made the sin of breaking ranks with the Left and exposing the murderer Nawi. So this week the Left is circulating a poster of Hitler presenting Dayan with a bouquet of flowers. You can see the photo below.

The leftists are also chanting in uniform that Dayan behaved like the Stasi, the former East German secret police.  Note how every single one is saying Stasi and not, say, the KGB.  It illustrates deliciously how the Left works:  one person posts something and then all the rest fall in line, repeat the exact same words, toe the party line, in herd behavior.


Now for 20 years the Left and its captive media have chanted in unison that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered because the Right produced a poster of Rabin in Nazi uniform - never mind that it turned out it was actually produced by the Shin-Bet agent who had infiltrated the lunatic Right as a mole provocateur.  So now we have the Left producing an equivalent poster and no one is demanding arrests for 'incitement.'  Suddenly incitement is NOT a cause of political murder after all.  Suddenly the judicial Left does not regard use of Nazi imagery to be beyond the realm of protected speech.



For more on the story, go to



2.  I LOVED THIS HEADLINE, from the British press:

Experts warn that winter could last until spring



3.  I am curious - has anyone ever met anyone who reads the "Forward"?? I do not mean the yiddish edition in the 1920s. I mean someone paying to read it now
I think more people read barry chamish than "Forward." Meaning single digit.






Thursday, January 21, 2016


1.  The Left, led by the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, Haaretz, is soiling its red diapers in outrage because some entrepreneurial 'right-wingers' collected intelligence about the anti-Israel seditious activities of the mega-leftist attorney Michael Sfard by going through his garbage. A fascist invasion of his privacy, whines the Left in 3-part harmony. How dare anyone investigate him for treason by going through his trash? Sfard filed a criminal complaint against the perps for their trashspecting.

And then to top it all off, the Haaetz 'newspaper article' ( denouncing the evil rightists for trash espionage against Sfard is written by Haaretz writer Uri Blau, who himself was indicted (and pled out) for anti-Israel espionage in the Anat Kamm affair (see,7340,L-4236080,00.html ).



2.  The Messiah must be nigh because I keep agreeing with some Haaretz writers. The Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew keeps running Op-Eds by leftist cranks proposing that leftists secede from Israel and set up their own state or community or entity.  See


And I am all for it! A REAL 2-state solution!! 

The leftists can declare independence and implement socialism and build a gulag and ration food and everything else and be equal and proclaim minimum wages at $50 per hour so no one will be employed and prohibit dissent from socialism and wave red flags and...



3.  The Sun (UK) on Nawi affair:

The leftwing anti-Semites from the "Jewish" Voice for "Peace" are rallying in support of murderer pedophile Ezra Nawi:



4.  Israel has to decide what to do with the 15 year old Amalekite who murdered the mother of six. No, the government will not execute him. But I have the answer!
Lock him up in the same cell with Ezra Nawi, the leftist murderer pedophile. 
Let them play Hide the Zoglobek!!



(Ayalon is currently chairman of board of University of Haifa and guy who ruled that Nobelist Robert Aumann cannot get an honorary PhD because he holds the wrong opinions)
Lobbyist for the Palestinian agenda runs up against the very groups he ordinarily supports:


Police prevent activists smashing into Ami Ayalon talk at King's.


I was patiently queuing for Ami Ayalon's joint KCL and LSE Israel Societys' talk outside the Norfolk Building of King's College, London tonight. I had arrived early and was near the front of the queue but soon the doors were closed as the room held only 50.

50 to 60 people were left shut outside on the street, among them 15 fuming anti-Israel activists who had planned to get in and disrupt the talk.

These activists from SOAS, KLC and LSE Palestine Societies had already handed out leaflets attacking Ami Ayalon and Israel. But with their being shut outside chaos ensued with the police being called.

Ayalon was head of Israel's Shin Bet between 1996 and 2000 and then served as a Labour MK. He also launched a peace initiative called The People's Voice. He's now in the UK being whisked around by Yachad to give various talks, the gist of which seem to be Israel needs to mend its ways.

The activists' leaflets, after falsely incriminating Ayalon and Shin Bet in war crimes, accused Ayalon of being "overtly racist" for supporting a two state solution because this implies "Israeli Jews must always be a majority…due to a fear of losing the ethnic and colonial supremacy Israel has enjoyed since 1948".

As soon as the doors shut the frustrated anti-Israel activists pounded the doors and the windows looking into the talk. They screamed "Free Free Palestine", "Viva Viva Palestina" and "From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free" and smashed a window.

They then climbed the windows to unfurl a banner. A fire alarm was set off and eventually police vans and police cars pulled up and 20 police constables protected the building.

Ayalon's talk lasted an hour. Ironically, Ayalon was talking in front of a white board describing the rules for "safe spaces" at universities. But there is no "safe space" for an Israeli-Jew at British universities.

Maybe after tonight so-called peaceniks like Ayalon will realise that Israeli Jews like himself are not hated for the way he thinks they behave but simply for who they are; citizens of the Jewish state.

6.  Anyone have any idea how to translate adequately into Hebrew the expression: PEACE NOW, PULL MY FINGER ??

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

Leftist McCarthyism in Israel Funded by Soros and Other US Leftists


In its latest act of illicit intervention in Israeli public life, the foreign (mainly U.S.)-funded "New Israel Fund" (where their 'New Israel" means Palestine) has filled the Israeli press and the country's billboards with a McCarthyist anti-democratic vilification poster that essentially endorses all who seek to deny freedom of speech in Israel to non-leftists.

It is the NIF's response to the campaign by the student Zionist movement Im Tirtzu against 'Shtulim' (plants) in Israel, meaning foreign-funded anti-Israel subversives.  In the NIF ad, it shows Yitzhak Rabin with the slogan "THEY already took care of that plant," meaning "THEY" collectively murdered Rabin.  By THEY the NIF does not mean Yigal Amir and his brother.  It means all Israeli critics of the left.

For decades, the mantra of Israel's anti-democratic left has been that Rabin's death was caused by the exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists in Israel, especially when they criticized Rabin and called him names.  Their conclusion is that criticism of the left by non-leftists is a clear and present danger that produces murder and so must be suppressed.  Just how they know that assassin Yigal Amir's behavior was not caused by his attending law school has never been explained.  In any case, the catechism of the left, which includes most journalists, is that the Rabin murder was caused by "incitement."  Curiously, they are not reminding people what Rabin really thought of leftist NGO B'tselem!

It is hard for people outside Israel to appreciate just how hostile the Israeli media and much of the public are to freedom of speech.  This hostility is manifested in the "incitement" bogeyman.  One cannot read five lines in the anti-Israel leftist daily Haaretz without seeing screaming warnings and condemnations of "incitement" – meaning criticism of the left by non-leftists.  In other newspapers, the count is not far behind.

Likud is almost as much to blame for this as the left.  Likud invariably responds to charges from the left about "incitement" by yelling back in sandbox-manner that the left are the real inciters – instead of demanding that the word "incitement" be removed altogether from Israeli discourse.

"Incitement" is a nonsense word that simply refers to the expression of opinions that someone dislikes.  When the left says "incitement," it means criticism of the left.  When the right says "incitement," it means expressions of opinions by the left.  It is a demonstration of the weakness of the commitment to democracy on the part of so much of the Israeli public that so many Israelis accept it as axiomatic that "incitement" is and should be a crime.

In real democracies, "incitement" is not a crime at all, or at most is used as an additional charge to up the ante when someone is indicted for a real crime.  Murderers facing trial for murder might face the additional charge of incitement to murder, but they would never be charged with incitement alone, without the murder charge.  Ditto for bank robbers and rapists.

After the Rabin assassination, the Israeli Labor Party and its captive media invented the myth that murderer Yigal Amir did what he did because he was "incited" to do so.  Never mind that Amir himself says he was not.  That closed the case in the "minds" of the left, proving that "incitement" by right-wingers causes murder.  Of course for the 50 years before that, Israel's left, right and center every day engaged in "incitement" far worse than anything preceding the Rabin assassination, and no one was assassinated.  Ben Gurion with his shrieks that Begin was a Nazi was probably the worst of the inciters, and the Knesset protocols of the 1950s and '60s are endless litanies of "incitement."

Since 1995 the left grew accustomed to silencing its critics with some success by screaming "incitement."  Not a single law professor in Israel has denounced the anti-democratic McCarthyism in the jihad against "incitement."  It goes without saying that none of the "human rights" NGOs ever took a stand against criminalizing "incitement," nor defended free speech rights for non-leftist "inciters."  Even the ACLU in the U.S. defends the free speech rights of fringe groups, but not a single NGO in Israel claiming to be the Israeli analogue of the ACLU will defend free speech rights of the "right."

Into all this steps the New Israel Fund, using funds raised from people protected by the First Amendment and living in a country where they enjoy freedom of speech.  It places gutter ads in Israel denouncing the exercise of freedom of speech by "THEM" – speech it insists resulted in Rabin's murder.  The thousands of people whose murder was preceded by Arab incitement to murder are not considered by the NIF a reason to restrict freedom of speech or even to protest the murders.  The NIF would be the first to defend Ezra Nawi, the leftist accomplice of the PLO's Gestapo, who not only incited, but also murdered people.

The left-wing NGOs funded by the NIF have virtually no local support in Israel.  They are propped up using the NIF contributions from the ilk of George Soros and the Ford Foundation.

The McCarthyist ad campaign by the NIF is the best and most persuasive argument that could be found to support and endorse the current bill before the Israeli parliament that will regulate foreign-funded subversive NGOs in Israel.


2.  Speaking on the Galei Zahal radio station, Meretz chief bolshevik Zehava Galon says that they who know how to infiltrate organizations also know how to short circuit wires. She is referring to the people who infiltrated the subversive leftist NGOs B'tselem and Taayoush to film their beloved pedophile member bragging about how he murders Palestinians who do business with Jews. Fire department experts notwithstanding, Sister Galon is still claiming that the fire last week in B'tselem's office was arson and not an electrical short circuit.

For which the only appropriate response is this: Those whose notions of democracy are derived from the people who burned down the Reichstag have no problem fabricating other charges of arson.



Cowabunga!!! All of a sudden the Eurotrash are outraged by foreign funding of domestic political groups designed to distort electoral processes!! They will adopt Ayala Shaked's bill for themselves?

Monday, January 18, 2016



Dafna Meir was home with her children when the savage broke in to her home.  She had 6 kids, two of them foster children.  She struggled with the barbarian to protect her kids, as he stabbed her to death in front of the children, Nazi-style.  She was 38.  The murderer got away and PLO chief Abbas will proclaim him a hero, as the Israeli Left again proclaims Abbas a peace partner..


The Lord Haw Haw of Israel, Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, crayoned a column this week in which he endorsed the Swedish Foreign Minister's claim that Israel summarily executes Palestinians.  Why should Israel shoot Palestinians holding knives and attempting to murder Jews?, he snorts.  It is not like Jews are humans and Jewish lives worth anything. 


If the murderer of Dafna Meir had been shot dead as he attacked her in front of her children, Levy would denounce Israel for the barbaric unjustified execution of the terrorist.  What about his rights?  What about a Miranda warning, a lawyer, a fair trial?  A free subscription to Haaretz?


And what about all those innocent SS officers killed in WWII by Allied aggressors, summarily bombed to death with not so much as a Miranda warning?,7340,L-4754395,00.html



Dafna Meir, the mother of six murdered yesterday, composed a prayer, published on her blog, based on her experiences in distributing medications to neurosurgery patients at Soroka Hospital (my translation):


May it be Your will, oh Lord, Who created the world and runs it with mercy and grace, that You bless me with the power to distribute medication to Your people of Israel who are in need of salvation, as well as to members of other peoples, under the care of Your faithful servants who perform sacred duties by day and by night, on sabbath and holidays, ceaselessly.

Let me be blessed to comprehend, to understand and to remember at all times that medication is a gift from You and work thanks to You.  Let me be blessed to see their effects and to rejoice…  Let me be blessed in learning to empathize with the sufferings of patients and let me serve in good health to help them with the tools You provide every day.  Amen.